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The things that bind us

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Friendship never ceases to surprise me.  Of the things that exists in the social setting of Warcraft, it is probably the most powerful force in holding a guild together.  I can understand sticking around with the people you’ve been friends with for a long time in wow, but to what extent?

Like most of my posts, this is referring directly to my guild.  (See previous posts for details about that).  I have a number of raiders who are completely amazing.  Their raid effectiveness is top notch, they show up when they say they will, and their social dynamic is amazing.  These are people that could easily get into top server guilds.  Hell, they could easily server transfer and get into guilds better than what our server can offer them.

And yet…  here they are on some backwater server, in a guild that really doesn’t scratch much of a raiding itch.

I can’t help but wonder what their limits are.   What are mine even?  Part of the reason I started writing entries was a way to get rid of excess energy and frustration.  If I cannot do something in wow, doing something wow-related can ease the craving.

What can I say?  I need my hit.

All that being said, I’m glad they are here.  I wish I could reward them for their dedication with more than just my company, my hilarious jokes, and witty retorts.

And sarcasm.  Lots, and lots of sarcasm.


Going beyond Nouveau WoW

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If this title doesnt make sense to you, look up the usage of ‘Nouveau riche’.  Wikipedia has a decent article.

Soon it’ll be 7 years of wowing.  I don’t know about anybody else, but other than ‘staying alive’, there isn’t anything I’ve done consistently for as long as I’ve played wow.  What i find interesting is the change of ‘style’ of WoWing over time.

When WoW was new, I spent a lot of time playing.  I was also completely dedicated to my main class.   I had no max level alt, or even medium level.   At the end of vanilla, my highest alt was probably in the 20’s.  maybe 30’s.  I was basically unaware of WoW news and general media on the internet.  Reading the internet meant i wasn’t playing wow.  Obviously a waste of my time.  (we’re also talking about a time when warlocks didn’t dot in raids because they were all pushed off due to debuff limits….  interesting times.)

Once BC was well established, and i started actually having more characters to play on, i looked more into WoW-outside-of-WoW.  I started researching my class.  I inspected blue posts.  found out about potential changes incoming, and general theories on how things could be improved.

By the time Wrath hit, i was regularly visiting wow sites, looking up everything possible, and aware of every blue word within minutes of them existing.

This continues into even farther extremes today.  I read about, and involve myself into wow-based media more than i actually play the game.  This is not to say i don’t play much,  but there’s less demand of my time in wow due to the state of my guild, class, etc.  Even as i type this, i just opened a tab to Gamebreaker in preparation for their WoWcast “Legendary”.

Some places i visit regularely, like MMO-C for general wow news and its blue tracker.  Other places i visit as they put out posts, like WoMatticus, or Big Crits.  There are plenty of other sites i visit as well, please don’t think i’m trying to single anyone out 😛  If  I listed every wow site i visited……  there would be a long list.

I’d like to think I’ve grown as a player over these years.   I certainly play for different reasons now.  It used to be ‘the new thing’.  I used to play wow just for the entertainment and addiction value.   I needed my fix.   These days, I love the content,  The people, the raiding,  the whole social experience.

And hey, the purples are still nice.  They just happen to be icing on the cake.

Dealing with a declining guild.

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How do you demote a GM?
It would be pretty boring to just say “/gleader <player>” and end the post right here wouldn’t it?

(This intro may seem a bit off vs the title, but this post was originally about the possibility of not being a GM anymore.  My apologies for the wanderings.  Like usual, this wasnt a very planned out post, just a spur of the moment type thing.)

I kid, i kid.  I’ve been GM of my guild since early BC.  That’s a pretty long time.  I don’t often think about the time-scale of my GM-ness, but it was brought to my attention yesterday in a pug raid.  One of the raiders was someone who left the guild (quit wow) 3 years ago.  Due to being on an alt he didn’t know that it was me, but he remembered who his GM was all the same.  I do admit, i’ve seen a lot of people come and go.  I dont remember *all* of them, but i blame that more upon people who never left an impression on the guild.  I remember all of my core//frequent raiders at least >.>

It’s not entirely an unknown fact that I miss being a raider.   After leading this guild for however-many years, I do miss the days where my only concern was showing up on time, and being the best raider i could be.  It doesn’t help that my guild is in a serious decline, and in the foreseeable future may be no more.   Yet, I cannot abandon my guild.  They are my people.  And there’s still a lot of dependable, loyal members.  None of my officers are silly enough to accept a promotion though.  They know all of what i put up with in my position (i certainly complain to them enough hehe).  I cannot promote someone unless I am certain they would be a great leader, a dependable, valuable asset to the guild.   One with leadership qualities of course (more-so than myself I would hope).

At the same time, with the future being what it appears to be, I’m not sure it’s very possible to prevent relative disaster from striking us!  Our server is pretty low in population, many times of the day there is nothing in trade chat, or any chat for that matter.  The quality of recruits is….  well…  I think leaving a group with empty slots would be more effective.  This is not to say that there aren’t progressed guilds on the server, but nigh everyone that has shown skill is already part of said guilds.

Time has moved on, and so has the lives of my main raiders.  Schedule changes, work, school, family (in some cases, all 3) have changed the landscape of their lives.  We just can’t put together the same team that we used to be able to.  I’m not immune to this.  My own school/work schedule for this semester means I am unable to attend what was our main raiding day (and for the most part, only day now).  I’ve only had (up to) 4 full raid days attended since cata came out.  This of course being extremely frustrating since I *am* available on our secondary raid night, but not enough people are anymore to form the raid.

And yet, this isn’t entirely a negative.  I know these people.  Their lives are moving forward and in some weird way, I’m proud of them.  My raid leader was promoted at work, a main raider is going to graduate school, other raiders are entering or continuing with college.  This is amazing.  Hell, i’m part of it.   I’m hopeing to get my CCNA certification this summer (yeah.. right.. /pray).  Along with that i may try other cert’s as well.  Life goes on.

So despite everything, the good, the bad, the frustrating…  in the end i’m actually somewhat neutral towards all this.  Some of my people are growing tired of wow.  Some have already cancelled.  Some love it just as much as i do.  They will come and go as they please, and I’ll still be right here.  This is not to say i’ll be in a guild at that point though.  I wont disband of course, even if things are hopeless.   It’s still a relatively high level guild, with a 7-tab bank.

Not everything is hopeless.   This post definitely sounds like i’m expecting failure (and i am), but I know there’s always a chance.   I’d have figured the guild was going to die when i first took over out of desperation and love of my guild.  Yet we thrived.  All the way to the start of Cata.   There’s always hope.  But like any GM (or any player for that matter), i have to be ready for anything.  So I sit and wait.   Lead the best I can, and observe everything.

If and when the end comes, I’m not sure what i’ll do.  I have a bunch of characters, and i’d be willing to raid on a number of them.  Who knows, maybe i’ll apply to one of the wow guilds that i follow on twitter XD   That would be amusing.   Maybe if i’m not GM i’ll have more time to keep a blog going, instead of this intermittent posting i do right now.   Who knows, who knows.

For what it’s worth, in the future there might be a DK Tank/Healing Priest/Enhance Shaman LFG 😉

Can’t say which character i prefer anymore.   I was a main warlock until early Wrath when I became a DK tank for the guild.  Really enjoy tanking now, although I really enjoy healing as well (although more stressful).   In fact i even regret not rolling a tank/heal at the start of wow.  As far as DPS goes, i think i enjoy the enhance shaman the best now.  I don’t mind warlocking in cata, but i didn’t enjoy it nearly as much in Wrath.  (Warlock isnt 85 yet either)   I have an up-and-coming Hunter (84) who’s fun, but i cant see focusing on him to raid.  I use my hunter more like a Pokemon trainer and collect pets >.> (i love my ghostly Jormunger (spelling?)).

The guild issue, and some randomness

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Well not really.  Theres been a lot of talk between guild/blog relationships lately.   Mine obviously isnt much of an issue, as i do not post much.   It isn’t a problem with having content to write about, it’s just more of a time constraint.  I’d probably be more effective as a co-blogger than an actual one.   Just like being a guild master.  OooOOoOooo dissing my own guild mastering.


Anyway.  I’d like to say that it’s all freedom.  Say what you want.  Your space is your space.   But I can’t.  At least not directly.   But it also really depends on who you are exactly.  While I would wish anyone to feel open about their thoughts, I would have some people be careful.  To be specific, I’d worry about Officers and other higher-ups.  Theres a lot of discussion that goes on in O chat for my people.  And a lot of it I wouldn’t want out in the open.  If we wipe, we talk about it in O chat.  We try to narrow down what caused it, and what can be done to help so it doesn’t happen again.

Now take the example and turn it into a blog post:

Raid Member 1) Upbeat post about how the raid was wiping, but then after a couple tips from the raid leader, i no longer stood in the fire, and everything was okay!!!!!!oneoneeleven

Officer 1)We were doing horribly at a boss.  When i talked to the others, we noticed that Raid Member 1 was being a tard so we informed him of it in a raid-chat friendly manner.

These are different things (and for what it’s worth, doesn’t mirror anything in particular.  although i’m sure someones stood in the fire at some point).  All i would ask of my peoples in some amount of discretion.   At the very least avoid names.  Even great people have bad days.   If at all possible i’d try to avoid even some vague specifics.   Complaining about DPS is all well and good, they’re like roaches. They’re everywhere.  But you complain about your tank, and you only have a handful at best, deduction becomes a possibility.   A little discretioncan go a long way.   And as Matticus says

“…they [bloggers] are free to write about whatever they wish, but have some tact. If it’s a problem with myself, a situation, conflicts, or policy issues, that it be brought up with myself or an officer first to see if it can be resolved.”

Read more:

as a sidenote, that link was actually popped in automatically.  badass.


ANYWAY.  It’s been a while since i’ve put out my thoughts.   A little more personal stuff in a personal blog.   Just because i love wow, doesnt mean everything should be about it.  As anyone can see, I’m not followed by many people, partly in the fact that i’ve told almost no one that i do this.  While i like the idea of blogging, i also know that my life/time restraints keep me from consistantly posting.  Which is a shame because i love putting my thoughts out.   If anyone finds them, so be it.   This is mostly just a personal venture of writing.   Hell, i’m supposed to take a writing class or 2 as a requirement anyway.

I’m trying to learn to play guitar as a side-venture as well.  That’s also going slowly >.>  wish i had more self motivation, but damn.   Motivating me is like parting the red sea (+10 dkp for jesus reference)  But i’ll slowly go at it.   I’m still getting better, i’m just not a pro at it yet.  Instantly.  Like i was hoping.

Some people might point out that while i say i dont tell anyone about these posts, that  “hey, i saw this on your twitter!  JOO LIES”.   I would then point out to you, that the only people that i have on my twitter (majoritively) are wow bloggers/web site people that i like to follow.   Some of you have interesting insights/thoughts/lives.   Well, and some webcomic people.  But following you guys/girls on twitter also alerts me to your blog posts 🙂   When you mention them anyway.  At the very least, Matticus points out his postings 😀

To those who would care to know an extra thing about me, I like reading.   I didnt read much in general until i started taking classes again.   Takes about an hour and a half bus ride to get there, so i use books to fill the time.  I am currently reading David Eddings.  I finished The Belgariad recently, and am currently working on The Mallorean.  I just finished book…… 3?  i think 3.   I also need to go and pick up the latest (and last!) book of the Deverry Cycle (by Katherine Kerr).  *tear* It’s like…. book 14? or 15?   Why must it end so fast!  And to anyone open to recommendations, (everythign i’ve mentioned here is fantasy btw)  Please, please.   Go read the Chronicles of Amber by R.Zelazny (god i hope i spelled that right).


As i write this post, i honestly do not know if my own guild is mentioned at all on this site.   I don’t *think* I’ve put my guild name in here.   But i can’t be sure offhand.   I don’t hide my name at all, thought theres quite a number of people who use it.   I ❤ my guild and (most) it’s people (:P).  But i can’t shake the feeling that… wow… it would be weird if any of them ever read something i put online.

It would be…….    creepy.

On that note, we’re getting closer to Fester25.   We need better DPS though.  Our overall drops in 25 have been sucking.  It doesnt help that a number of high dps have taken breaks/quit wow recently.
The new tabard design went over well 🙂  I’m particularly proud of this one.

This posting on a Th morning works pretty well beyond the fact i’m incredibly tired.   Think i’m going to stop and publish it now.   Put some more thought into the T/TH morning thing.   I wake up fairly early for classes, but i do give myself extra time to actually be awake//need to hit snooze 15 times.  This also means i dont want to start things in wow, but when i’m tired i also do not gravitate toward gaming.

Alright i’m out.

E>  My blocky heart knows blocky love.

3.3 and Cataclysm

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So here we are.  The fall of the Lich King.  I expect trumpets to sound at any moment, but that would require the server to be up! (cheap shot, i know)  It’s at this point i have to worry about cataclysm.  I haven’t seen any word that even the F&F alpha is going on, and there’s definately not a beta happening.   So how far away is cataclysm?

I understand that ICC is going to be released over time similar to ToC, but how long?  I have guildies that hold a (as i see it) misguided belief that Cataclysm is in line for XMas ’10.  I dont know about other WoWers, but that is a long time.  Even if ICC is stretched out for 3 months before we can hit Arthas, that’s still 9 months of farming him.

The Gods know that Arthas will be down by the top guilds the week he’s released.  I mean, they’ll probably not even wipe on their path of destruction to his doorstep.   Sure the ‘common’ guilds, even the pseudo-casual like my own might not be up to him at the point he’s released.   My own people may never even reach him, i do not know.  (but more of an issue with their own effectiveness/dicipline to the craft that is war)

But i digress.  9 months is an extended period of time to have no new content of.  Unless blizzard goes back on themselves and 3.3 isnt the last content patch of this expansion.  So where do we go from here?

Is Cataclysm going to take until the holidays?  Will it go through a (everything is relative, especially in blizzard time) fast alpha/beta cycle?

I cannot honestly say i’d have very much motivation to log in if 8, 9, 10 months from now, im still zoning into the same raid portal i’ll be going into from this wednesday on.

Save me blizzard, for the only cure to my disease is rolling that Goblin.

Gold! I needs it to survive!

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Is it odd that while i dont really have a use for gold in wow, I loooove profit. I like seeing large numbers on my account total.  Large is relative of course.  The most gold server-wide i’ve ever had was just over 11k.  Currently i’m sitting at about 9.

I was almost dirt poor until ToC.  But when you run Toc 10 and 25 on your main, and another 10 on your alt.  that’s 45 triumphs a week, not counting any VoAs or Onyxias.   My server is not a high ranking server, we dont have world class guilds, and the economy is horrible.   So with that, there was a decent stretch of time that people still horded all their triumphs, and didnt sell a damn thing.

Hear that? It’s my greed.  So I sold a number of Crusader orbs, and got myself up to where i stand now.

This begs the following thoughts.  Do i really care about icecrown?  I dont forsee my guild clearing it any time soon.  Maybe we never will.  Who knows.  But what i do know, is that i’m very excited over cataclysm.  What better way to start cataclysm than with a lot of gold.

Do i really need to get tier 10 right away?   How much are the new crusader orbs going to be? (primordial saronite this time around i believe).   Will the market for them go well?   I certainly hope so.  I will bleed out my emblems of frost if it means i can fatten up my wallet in preperation for….  for anything.   For whatever may be.  Cataclysm-esque mammoth?   Did our mounts get too used to the cold, so we need to train temperate flying?***

I dont know what i’ll need gold for.  But at the same time it doesnt really matter.   If theres one thing that always happens in wow, it’s a gold sink.  Mark my words.  I’ll be ready.



***:  I really, >>Really<< cant wait to see the reason blizz uses to keep up from flying right away in cataclym (if any of course.  they might not)

The wave used to be done in stadiums….

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All this hype on google wave!  I wish i could actually motivate myself to devote the hour+ to watch the video.  Luckily, my fiancee has watched some of it and given me some summaries.   While it sounds flexible, and pretty crazy interesting…  its probably something i’ll just have to use myself to get a good idea over.

Just as back in the day when i was offered a gmail invite and i thought “I dont know, i already have an email address….”, wave could end up the same deal.  I dont know where i’d be without my gmail.   My original email vs. gmail is like B&W vs Color TV.  Or maybe closer to B&W to BluRay.

But, there’s not much i can do about it at the moment.  I’ve lost touch with old friends, especially ones who would have google invites.  There may be eventual hope in some other people, but nothing major.   I did make a post on ‘WoW on Wave’ thanks to #Ithato.  How that’ll end up I’m not sure.  But it’s nice to see a list of wowers on there.  Even the coveted Tekkub (/swoon).

Not much else i can write about something Iv]sfda;lfjdsghad;.

I dont like typing on this laptop >.>

Anyway… something i’ve had no personal experience.


All this being said.  I wonder how lightweight ChromeOS will be.  This laptop has issues running XP, so i’m wondering if it’ll be able to handle Chrome…   Issues for future times i guess.