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Cost Efficiency of Change

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I’ve been considering finding a new home for one of my characters for a while now.  This isn’t happening quite soon yet, as my availability wont be regular until classes start up again.  For a long time, I’ve been against being in more than 1 guild, but lately I think I’ve come to understand at least why I would be interested in doing that.

Anyway, if and when I do this, I’m not exactly sure what I’m going to do.  The difficult part of this is cost efficiency.  My best bet would be an off-server guild.  So this brings server Xfer cost up front.  Second consideration is faction change.  I’d rather not have to pay that extra, but I also don’t want to skimp on that and get into a guild that doesn’t suit my needs.

The last hard part is character choice.  I’d rather not do this for more than 1 character.  And don’t even bring up leveling a new main on a different server.  If there’s one thing I ::Cannot Stand::, it’s the leveling process.  I seethe with hate every time I think about it.  I’ve done all of that content already.  Multiple times.  It’s extremely boring to me.  Lucky me, is that I prefer a different class for each role in WoW. I’m just so awesome like that.

An additional difficulty, at least for a couple months, is that I made my current class schedule in alignment with  my current guild raid schedule in mind (and even then, had to miss a day because I had no other option).  So right now, I’m basically screwed.  At best, I could be an occasional attendee, or a bench warmer on some nights to fill in when someone has to leave their spot.  My class times are all night classes.   Realistically, I wouldn’t be available until…. 9 pacific?  maybe even later.

This is all partially due to my travel time to classes, and it being hard for me to get there early.  Boo-urns.

DESPITE ALL THIS. I still have hope.  Of everything in wow, Anything is possible.  Who knows, maybe I’ll pull what did last time.  Join a guild.  in 2 months become an officer.  in 2.5 months become a GM.



The things that bind us

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Friendship never ceases to surprise me.  Of the things that exists in the social setting of Warcraft, it is probably the most powerful force in holding a guild together.  I can understand sticking around with the people you’ve been friends with for a long time in wow, but to what extent?

Like most of my posts, this is referring directly to my guild.  (See previous posts for details about that).  I have a number of raiders who are completely amazing.  Their raid effectiveness is top notch, they show up when they say they will, and their social dynamic is amazing.  These are people that could easily get into top server guilds.  Hell, they could easily server transfer and get into guilds better than what our server can offer them.

And yet…  here they are on some backwater server, in a guild that really doesn’t scratch much of a raiding itch.

I can’t help but wonder what their limits are.   What are mine even?  Part of the reason I started writing entries was a way to get rid of excess energy and frustration.  If I cannot do something in wow, doing something wow-related can ease the craving.

What can I say?  I need my hit.

All that being said, I’m glad they are here.  I wish I could reward them for their dedication with more than just my company, my hilarious jokes, and witty retorts.

And sarcasm.  Lots, and lots of sarcasm.

Going beyond Nouveau WoW

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If this title doesnt make sense to you, look up the usage of ‘Nouveau riche’.  Wikipedia has a decent article.

Soon it’ll be 7 years of wowing.  I don’t know about anybody else, but other than ‘staying alive’, there isn’t anything I’ve done consistently for as long as I’ve played wow.  What i find interesting is the change of ‘style’ of WoWing over time.

When WoW was new, I spent a lot of time playing.  I was also completely dedicated to my main class.   I had no max level alt, or even medium level.   At the end of vanilla, my highest alt was probably in the 20’s.  maybe 30’s.  I was basically unaware of WoW news and general media on the internet.  Reading the internet meant i wasn’t playing wow.  Obviously a waste of my time.  (we’re also talking about a time when warlocks didn’t dot in raids because they were all pushed off due to debuff limits….  interesting times.)

Once BC was well established, and i started actually having more characters to play on, i looked more into WoW-outside-of-WoW.  I started researching my class.  I inspected blue posts.  found out about potential changes incoming, and general theories on how things could be improved.

By the time Wrath hit, i was regularly visiting wow sites, looking up everything possible, and aware of every blue word within minutes of them existing.

This continues into even farther extremes today.  I read about, and involve myself into wow-based media more than i actually play the game.  This is not to say i don’t play much,  but there’s less demand of my time in wow due to the state of my guild, class, etc.  Even as i type this, i just opened a tab to Gamebreaker in preparation for their WoWcast “Legendary”.

Some places i visit regularely, like MMO-C for general wow news and its blue tracker.  Other places i visit as they put out posts, like WoMatticus, or Big Crits.  There are plenty of other sites i visit as well, please don’t think i’m trying to single anyone out 😛  If  I listed every wow site i visited……  there would be a long list.

I’d like to think I’ve grown as a player over these years.   I certainly play for different reasons now.  It used to be ‘the new thing’.  I used to play wow just for the entertainment and addiction value.   I needed my fix.   These days, I love the content,  The people, the raiding,  the whole social experience.

And hey, the purples are still nice.  They just happen to be icing on the cake.

3.3 and Cataclysm

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So here we are.  The fall of the Lich King.  I expect trumpets to sound at any moment, but that would require the server to be up! (cheap shot, i know)  It’s at this point i have to worry about cataclysm.  I haven’t seen any word that even the F&F alpha is going on, and there’s definately not a beta happening.   So how far away is cataclysm?

I understand that ICC is going to be released over time similar to ToC, but how long?  I have guildies that hold a (as i see it) misguided belief that Cataclysm is in line for XMas ’10.  I dont know about other WoWers, but that is a long time.  Even if ICC is stretched out for 3 months before we can hit Arthas, that’s still 9 months of farming him.

The Gods know that Arthas will be down by the top guilds the week he’s released.  I mean, they’ll probably not even wipe on their path of destruction to his doorstep.   Sure the ‘common’ guilds, even the pseudo-casual like my own might not be up to him at the point he’s released.   My own people may never even reach him, i do not know.  (but more of an issue with their own effectiveness/dicipline to the craft that is war)

But i digress.  9 months is an extended period of time to have no new content of.  Unless blizzard goes back on themselves and 3.3 isnt the last content patch of this expansion.  So where do we go from here?

Is Cataclysm going to take until the holidays?  Will it go through a (everything is relative, especially in blizzard time) fast alpha/beta cycle?

I cannot honestly say i’d have very much motivation to log in if 8, 9, 10 months from now, im still zoning into the same raid portal i’ll be going into from this wednesday on.

Save me blizzard, for the only cure to my disease is rolling that Goblin.

Good information isnt easy to find.

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This is true and false at the same time. Finding good information is technically easy. Accurately finding specific good information can be incredibly hard.

If you want good wow information, a lot of people will point you to elitist jerks. A veritable holy grail of information, most of it of the highest quality no less. But the threads on EJ tend to wander, and if you’re a newer reader you don’t necessarily want to sift through 50 pages of posts to find the 1 thing you’re looking for. The other issue is maintenance. Even EJ suffers from being up-to-date. Part of the problem, which is arguably a positive part of WoW, is the number of different styles of play. Even for just 1 class. Let’s say Mr. Nub wants some death knight information. That’s great! But do you want frost, unholy, or blood? Dual wield of 2hander? Tank or dps? These different styles dont even necessarily have their own threads. If you want specific dual wield unholy dps, do you look at the unholy dps thread? or the dual wield thread?

I do not have good fixes for this. I am not a cataloger of information. The variance of information also is dependant on who has the most passion for each individual classes. Shaman information in EJ is easy to find. But once again, there’s less options with the shaman. Caster dps, dw dps, or heals. 3 threads. In a world that i could create myself, i’d entrust such things to wowhead. If they had a couple of volunteers per class work out guides to class play, i think it would be a huge boon towards site hits and popularity. (not that they need any help :P) You can argue that this would be the same issue as a mod author tryign to add every feature into their mod when all they originally wanted was 1 thing. Too much bloat can be a problem. I wouldnt mind extensions of the site of course. My dream? Man, i want shaman information, i would know that all i had to do was go to and find everything a growing shaman would want.

Dreams ‘eh?

Finding the right information shouldnt take a long time. Soemone somewhere should have a dedicated site kept up to date (and yes, this includes PTR changes which some people dont like to do much work on due to subjectibility to change *cough*cough*) If i had the time, dedication, and team to do it i’d try. But unfortunately, i lack everything. So like many people, all i can do is sit quietly and complain on the internet.

QQ Moar.

The Disgruntled Addon User

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One of the best things in WoW is Custom User Interfaces.
One of the worst things in WoW is an add-on author who doesn’t update fast enough for you 😛

Anyone who pays attention to my WoWing can tell you I love mods.  Moreso than that, I love trying new mods.  Release Quality? optional.  Beta? Fun! Alpha? IT DOESNT DO ANYTHING BUT LOOK COOL.

Ahhh….  love it.
Anyway.  Here’s a couple mod mentions that people might enjoy.

It’s beta quality, and the updates come about as frequently as…….. something that doesnt update.  But its a fresh design on a now regular concept, despite the less-than-impressive name 😛
Not all features implimented.  Does track runes for DK’s, and combo points for rogues/cats.  Havent checked lastest version, but the previous one did not track Maelstrom Weapon.  Use at your own risk.

A simple mod that adds a nice-yet-not-too-bright colored border around an item to indicate quality.  i.e. item icon of an epic has a purple border.  My reason for usage?  Oh hey, i’m in a pug.  /inspect.  if i see purples all the way down, i  at least know its not a completely fresh 8o.  good enough.  if there are greens and blues…. maybe i’ll boot them.

Another relatively simple mod.  I use this mostly because i’m the GM and i assist with the raid leading.  It sorts out combat log information and gives you a list of damage/heals to individual people in the raid.  i.e.  The wipe started when both healers died… what happened?   /acheron  /look at <healer 1> and <healer 2>   oh, they were hit for 5 million damage from <mimirons uber rocket of doom> .  It can show you why people died.
ProTip: Mousing over someone in the acheron lists will bring up an at-curser tooltip of the Cause-of-Death.

…I really dont feel like getting into this mod.  It’s useful, relatively easy to use and setup.   go to the homepage for examples on it and ideas on what to use it for.  It can be done for all sorts of things.

Some people use Grid+Clique, some people use Healbot.
They should use Vuhdo.
Of course, that’s a bad statement in general.  Each click-frame-to-heal-people mod/mod combo has it’s own features.  Vuhdo (to me) is simple to set up, has a feature set I enjoy,
and as far as at least healbot/grid are concerned, has a default look that i prefer.   And yes.  I’m that shallow.  Looks matter a lot.  I’ll give up a pretty good mod feature (not that Vuhdo gives up anything)
if it’ll mean my mod looks badass.

That’s it for now.  I may continue this post later, or make a new one, or conquer the world later.  But for now, there’s class to get ready for.