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Good information isnt easy to find.

Posted in Rant with tags , , , , , , , on 10.17.2009 by Pothos

This is true and false at the same time. Finding good information is technically easy. Accurately finding specific good information can be incredibly hard.

If you want good wow information, a lot of people will point you to elitist jerks. A veritable holy grail of information, most of it of the highest quality no less. But the threads on EJ tend to wander, and if you’re a newer reader you don’t necessarily want to sift through 50 pages of posts to find the 1 thing you’re looking for. The other issue is maintenance. Even EJ suffers from being up-to-date. Part of the problem, which is arguably a positive part of WoW, is the number of different styles of play. Even for just 1 class. Let’s say Mr. Nub wants some death knight information. That’s great! But do you want frost, unholy, or blood? Dual wield of 2hander? Tank or dps? These different styles dont even necessarily have their own threads. If you want specific dual wield unholy dps, do you look at the unholy dps thread? or the dual wield thread?

I do not have good fixes for this. I am not a cataloger of information. The variance of information also is dependant on who has the most passion for each individual classes. Shaman information in EJ is easy to find. But once again, there’s less options with the shaman. Caster dps, dw dps, or heals. 3 threads. In a world that i could create myself, i’d entrust such things to wowhead. If they had a couple of volunteers per class work out guides to class play, i think it would be a huge boon towards site hits and popularity. (not that they need any help :P) You can argue that this would be the same issue as a mod author tryign to add every feature into their mod when all they originally wanted was 1 thing. Too much bloat can be a problem. I wouldnt mind extensions of the site of course. My dream? Man, i want shaman information, i would know that all i had to do was go to and find everything a growing shaman would want.

Dreams ‘eh?

Finding the right information shouldnt take a long time. Soemone somewhere should have a dedicated site kept up to date (and yes, this includes PTR changes which some people dont like to do much work on due to subjectibility to change *cough*cough*) If i had the time, dedication, and team to do it i’d try. But unfortunately, i lack everything. So like many people, all i can do is sit quietly and complain on the internet.

QQ Moar.