Heroicify your items!

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As just found on the 4.2 ptr, heroic boss kills will drop Crystallized Firestone.  This will allow you to upgrade your normal mode items to heroic level items.  Currently effects 21 different items between valor points/firelands.  Unclear if the item pool will expand.

1. Hooray for upgrading relic slot

2. If your guild can pull off a heroic kill with a pug or 2, this may end up being pretty profitable.

The market for ‘high’ ilvl items, BiS, and so forth has always been profitable (see: Darkmoon cards, world drop epics).  Heroic raid kills are of the parts of WoW that are restricted to upper level guilds.   There’s not much outside of these that even semi-casual people can get into (on a reasonably populated server.  Outliers do exist, in both directions nonetheless).

GDKP runs usually have more pugs that what i would expect something like this to have, but it’s a similar enough of a concept.   Even moreso though, this would be a constant.   You get a Crystallized Firestone from every heroic kill.   100%.   If you know your guild can do it, that is guarenteed profit for whatever someone is willing to pay for it.   Items go for 20-50k when they’re only normal raid ilvl.   I don’t even want to think what this could go for.   This is also on top of whatever the boss drops normally too.

While i’m not all for guaranteed loot, this isn’t an item on its own.  With this there’s at least little chance of it being useless to your entire raid (unless you’ve been farming heroic bosses in firelands for a long time…..) .

Well, time to cut this post slightly short, as apparently i’m bleeding.  whoops.
Just thought i’d throw an opinion to the internet, as it’s been a while since i’ve said anything.


Going beyond Nouveau WoW

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If this title doesnt make sense to you, look up the usage of ‘Nouveau riche’.  Wikipedia has a decent article.

Soon it’ll be 7 years of wowing.  I don’t know about anybody else, but other than ‘staying alive’, there isn’t anything I’ve done consistently for as long as I’ve played wow.  What i find interesting is the change of ‘style’ of WoWing over time.

When WoW was new, I spent a lot of time playing.  I was also completely dedicated to my main class.   I had no max level alt, or even medium level.   At the end of vanilla, my highest alt was probably in the 20’s.  maybe 30’s.  I was basically unaware of WoW news and general media on the internet.  Reading the internet meant i wasn’t playing wow.  Obviously a waste of my time.  (we’re also talking about a time when warlocks didn’t dot in raids because they were all pushed off due to debuff limits….  interesting times.)

Once BC was well established, and i started actually having more characters to play on, i looked more into WoW-outside-of-WoW.  I started researching my class.  I inspected blue posts.  found out about potential changes incoming, and general theories on how things could be improved.

By the time Wrath hit, i was regularly visiting wow sites, looking up everything possible, and aware of every blue word within minutes of them existing.

This continues into even farther extremes today.  I read about, and involve myself into wow-based media more than i actually play the game.  This is not to say i don’t play much,  but there’s less demand of my time in wow due to the state of my guild, class, etc.  Even as i type this, i just opened a tab to Gamebreaker in preparation for their WoWcast “Legendary”.

Some places i visit regularely, like MMO-C for general wow news and its blue tracker.  Other places i visit as they put out posts, like WoMatticus, or Big Crits.  There are plenty of other sites i visit as well, please don’t think i’m trying to single anyone out 😛  If  I listed every wow site i visited……  there would be a long list.

I’d like to think I’ve grown as a player over these years.   I certainly play for different reasons now.  It used to be ‘the new thing’.  I used to play wow just for the entertainment and addiction value.   I needed my fix.   These days, I love the content,  The people, the raiding,  the whole social experience.

And hey, the purples are still nice.  They just happen to be icing on the cake.

Dealing with a declining guild.

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How do you demote a GM?
It would be pretty boring to just say “/gleader <player>” and end the post right here wouldn’t it?

(This intro may seem a bit off vs the title, but this post was originally about the possibility of not being a GM anymore.  My apologies for the wanderings.  Like usual, this wasnt a very planned out post, just a spur of the moment type thing.)

I kid, i kid.  I’ve been GM of my guild since early BC.  That’s a pretty long time.  I don’t often think about the time-scale of my GM-ness, but it was brought to my attention yesterday in a pug raid.  One of the raiders was someone who left the guild (quit wow) 3 years ago.  Due to being on an alt he didn’t know that it was me, but he remembered who his GM was all the same.  I do admit, i’ve seen a lot of people come and go.  I dont remember *all* of them, but i blame that more upon people who never left an impression on the guild.  I remember all of my core//frequent raiders at least >.>

It’s not entirely an unknown fact that I miss being a raider.   After leading this guild for however-many years, I do miss the days where my only concern was showing up on time, and being the best raider i could be.  It doesn’t help that my guild is in a serious decline, and in the foreseeable future may be no more.   Yet, I cannot abandon my guild.  They are my people.  And there’s still a lot of dependable, loyal members.  None of my officers are silly enough to accept a promotion though.  They know all of what i put up with in my position (i certainly complain to them enough hehe).  I cannot promote someone unless I am certain they would be a great leader, a dependable, valuable asset to the guild.   One with leadership qualities of course (more-so than myself I would hope).

At the same time, with the future being what it appears to be, I’m not sure it’s very possible to prevent relative disaster from striking us!  Our server is pretty low in population, many times of the day there is nothing in trade chat, or any chat for that matter.  The quality of recruits is….  well…  I think leaving a group with empty slots would be more effective.  This is not to say that there aren’t progressed guilds on the server, but nigh everyone that has shown skill is already part of said guilds.

Time has moved on, and so has the lives of my main raiders.  Schedule changes, work, school, family (in some cases, all 3) have changed the landscape of their lives.  We just can’t put together the same team that we used to be able to.  I’m not immune to this.  My own school/work schedule for this semester means I am unable to attend what was our main raiding day (and for the most part, only day now).  I’ve only had (up to) 4 full raid days attended since cata came out.  This of course being extremely frustrating since I *am* available on our secondary raid night, but not enough people are anymore to form the raid.

And yet, this isn’t entirely a negative.  I know these people.  Their lives are moving forward and in some weird way, I’m proud of them.  My raid leader was promoted at work, a main raider is going to graduate school, other raiders are entering or continuing with college.  This is amazing.  Hell, i’m part of it.   I’m hopeing to get my CCNA certification this summer (yeah.. right.. /pray).  Along with that i may try other cert’s as well.  Life goes on.

So despite everything, the good, the bad, the frustrating…  in the end i’m actually somewhat neutral towards all this.  Some of my people are growing tired of wow.  Some have already cancelled.  Some love it just as much as i do.  They will come and go as they please, and I’ll still be right here.  This is not to say i’ll be in a guild at that point though.  I wont disband of course, even if things are hopeless.   It’s still a relatively high level guild, with a 7-tab bank.

Not everything is hopeless.   This post definitely sounds like i’m expecting failure (and i am), but I know there’s always a chance.   I’d have figured the guild was going to die when i first took over out of desperation and love of my guild.  Yet we thrived.  All the way to the start of Cata.   There’s always hope.  But like any GM (or any player for that matter), i have to be ready for anything.  So I sit and wait.   Lead the best I can, and observe everything.

If and when the end comes, I’m not sure what i’ll do.  I have a bunch of characters, and i’d be willing to raid on a number of them.  Who knows, maybe i’ll apply to one of the wow guilds that i follow on twitter XD   That would be amusing.   Maybe if i’m not GM i’ll have more time to keep a blog going, instead of this intermittent posting i do right now.   Who knows, who knows.

For what it’s worth, in the future there might be a DK Tank/Healing Priest/Enhance Shaman LFG 😉

Can’t say which character i prefer anymore.   I was a main warlock until early Wrath when I became a DK tank for the guild.  Really enjoy tanking now, although I really enjoy healing as well (although more stressful).   In fact i even regret not rolling a tank/heal at the start of wow.  As far as DPS goes, i think i enjoy the enhance shaman the best now.  I don’t mind warlocking in cata, but i didn’t enjoy it nearly as much in Wrath.  (Warlock isnt 85 yet either)   I have an up-and-coming Hunter (84) who’s fun, but i cant see focusing on him to raid.  I use my hunter more like a Pokemon trainer and collect pets >.> (i love my ghostly Jormunger (spelling?)).

Games Games Games

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So WoW is going on… what…  7 years this november?  It seems plenty of people in my local wow area are getting somewhat disenchanted with the game.   This isn’t unexpected.  Seven years is a long time to play the same game, even if it does have new content.  I seem to be an exception.   I still love wow, especially raiding.

But what of everything else?  What is one to do if they’re bored?  Try something else would be the obvious answer.  So here’s some thoughts on that matter, both present and future.

As far as MMO’s go, Rift is a common response right now.  I had the pleasure of taking part on a number of beta events and I can honestly say I do like the game.  The class system is solid (if hard to balance) and allows for a lot of options.  I do like the route Trion went with rift classes in that there’s only 4 base classes, with a bunch of tree’s within it.  I dont have to roll 10 characters to play everything *cough*cough*.

This is not to say rift doesn’t have its problems, every mmo does.  It’s obviously not perfect.  That being said, i don’t have the money to burn to play more than one MMO, so I will not criticize Rift directly as my personal experience with release level rift is basically nothing.   Either way, a solid choice if you’re looking to expand out of wow, but dont want to get into something too alien in form.

While it’s not out yet, a number of my guild members are looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic.  While TOR does look interesting, I’m not sure i’ll be involving myself with it.  Nothing personal against the game, it looks like it’ll be fun.  I hope it’ll live up to its hype.  I’d hate to lose guildies over something that doesn’t turn out they way they expect.  Bioware has a good record behind them, all they have to do is keep it up for one more game.

What about outside of MMO’s?  My two big titles i’m awaiting are Portal 2 and Diablo 3.  I’m not even going to into them though.  I don’t want to jinx it.   If only one of them will turn out good, i hope it’s Diablo 3.   The diablo franchise is still my favorite as far as games go, and the only game to take more of my life away from me than WoW was Diablo 2.  And before that, Diablo 1.
(click click click click click perfect gem activated *yes!*)

While i hate to admit this, I think i must.  Call it my dirty little secret if you have to.   Ever since hanbitsoft aquired the rights to hellgate and announced that they’ll bring it back to the US, i’ve been pining over what could be.   That being said, there’s been just about zero news about it ever since the announcement.   So I’ve no idea where that’s going.

For those who are unaware, Hellgate:London kept going in korea after its US shutdown.  Theres been a lot of changes made to it, and expanded content.   However, you cant use/make an account on the korean servers unless you supply the equivelent of a korean SSN. (as of the last time i checked)  So unless you have a friend over there, you’re out of luck.

HAH.  I knew i forgot something.   The one other project i’m hoping on is Torchlight 2.  The original Torchlight was simple, and fun.  But it could only be a temporary game without any kind of multiplayer.  Not even LAN 😦  So here’s to hoping it’s at least as good as the original.

So now i just have to hope that all of the ones I’m interested in are released with reasonable amounts of time between them.  Otherwise I’ve no idea how i’ll afford them.

What next sir, you’re already 85!

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The cataclysm approaches!   With it comes a new beginning.  Now is the time to introduce guild changes, policy changes, loot systems, everything.  (still trying to con my raid leader into taking guild master position *cough*cough*)  What also happens at this type of event is choosing what to level.  I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to be a main tank.  While i dont auite agree with the DK tanking changes of 4.0.1. I’ll deal with it as necessary.  But beyond the main, are the alts.  What alt will have the title of first to level?  Obviously the most useful would be a healer.  My current healer is a shaman, and i’m not sure how strongly i want to continue that.  I much prefer my shaman in a dps (and even pvp) role vs. healing.  Shaman healing doesnt excite me as it used to, and with 4.0.1 even the mastery bores me.  My warlock?  The ex-main for 4 years?   Tempting.  I disliked what 3.0 did to locks, and i enjoy what 4.0 fixed.   And yet, i love healing.  I’m seriously considering leveling my priest.  But a lot of beta reports say that disc isn’t in a great spot in beta raid healing at the moment.   This pains me as i much prefer the disc healing style over holy.

Choices…. choices.

I expect in the end i will level my shaman, because i will enjoy the process itself more.  And while I will say ‘enhancement, resto offspec!’  i have no doubt that my guild will need me as a healer, and my healing set will overtake my dps in no time.  As has happened in wrath, and BC before it.

I guess half the point of this is the realization that the greatest hold WoW has over me, it’s also its greatest potential to push me away.  Changes. Changes can make your class new and exciting.  It can also make it into something you have no interest in, or intention to play.  So much of each expansions hope rests on what gets changed.   The warlock i played in vanilla, is not the warlock i played in BC.  Nor was it the warlock i didn’t play in wrath.  Granted, some classes do not change very much.  But it seems to me, the ones i play are getting pretty shaken up right now.   I really can’t wait for the dust to settle and stats to be what they are meant to be at 85.  Blizzard has put down some interesting foundation.  We can only hope that they build something worthy of it.  Yet, is it not also up to me to build a guild equally worthy?

All this being said, i will be able to forgive many things, if only for the fact that Chromaggus will be tamable.    Hunter… will probably be third to hit 85.  If for nothing else than playing Pokemon with the pets.

Frostmourne HUNGERS

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SO.  I can’t help but notice that Frostmourne and I have something in common.  We’re both really hungry.  But to the two of us, these are very different problems. Frostmourne craves only souls, which are readily available in the world.  Cleaving souls is like breathing, assuming you’re not living in a barren area devoid of life. (insert joke about canada or some of the northern US states)  I on the other hand, have a more refined taste.

The sad thing is that i used to live in a Chicago suburb.   Let me tell you, around chicago has a lot of food.  I miss the variety these days.  Where I am now in Wisconsin doesn’t have nearly the same selection.  There is in particular a void of everything polish (and subsequently, bohemian).  Do you know what I had to do to get some Kolaki?   I had to bake my own! While it turned out well and everyone liked it, it still wasn’t quite the same.

One thing that annoys me is the discrepency of food names.  While someone like me with a polish/bohemian background (among other things) is used to ‘pigs in a blanket’ referring to a hamburger/rice/onion mixture wrapped in cabbage with a spicy tomato sauce over it, there are some areas like here that often refer to……  a hotdog wraped in a croissant?  HOTDOG????  You can’t see it, but there’s a tear in my eye.  That being said……  I kind of want to try that.

There seems to be a discrepency about what ‘chicago style’ is in some places.  Maybe my part of chicago was some weird exception, but when i ordered a hotdog (or fries) i did not get celery salt on them.  I never even had the option.  I never would have wanted the option for that matter.  And yet everywhere i’ve been lately (in WI, and MN) that is ‘chicago style’ they throw the stuff over the hotdog and sometimes the fries.  Weeeiiiirrrrdddd.  And then there’s Goulash.  My fiance says to me one day “I’m going to make Goulash.”, of course i say ‘sure!’  Now i was pretty suprised when this dish of tomato sauce, noodles, and some other stuff comes to me.  ‘Bwuh?’ i ask.  I’m strongly accustomed to the Goulash we always got in chicago, based on Hungarian Goulash.   A little bit of a shock there.

And then there’s the missing places. Can you believe the only White Castle in WI is by the IL border and a number of hours away?  That there isn’t even a single California Pizza Kitchen in the STATE.  Seriously?  I haven’t really found any place to make up for the missing foods either.  Although the middle eastern place came close.  (that being said, i never really looked for that food in chicago.  a shame really.  delicious.)  What i want right now is a CPK to get me a decent Margharita pizza*.  The local place does an ‘okay’ one, but the crust doesnt fit the style.

I think when i started this I had a point, but between 5 hours of sleep and being ungodly early in the morning I have lost it.  My apologies.  But on the positive side of things, i have chinese leftovers for tonight.
Who knows. if i figure out more of a purpose, i might come back and edit this post.  But i doubt it 😛

If you’re ever in the western chicago suburb area, do yourself a couple favors:
1.) California pizza kitchen margharita pizza* (theres a CPK in…. oakbrook mall?)
2.)Bohemian Crystal (in westmont on blackhawk drive)
3.)Falco’s Pizza (willowbrook, on Route 83/Kingery Highway)

those are the top 3 that come to mind.  For falco’s i always got a pepperoni, garlic, green pepper pizza. although the panzarotti’s are great too.  Same ‘toppings’.

*: With a caramel apple martini. god damn it’s so good.

EDIT: I seem to recall hearing that Bennigans filed for bankruptcy a while back.  But i guess it still exists, seeing that the webpage still works.  I will add that i really ❤ eating there 😛   There (was?) one just by the darien border i think.  cant remember the location offhand.  not far from the wal-mart i think.  or maybe the Kohl’s.  God it’s been too many years.   There are none of those up by me either.  GRRRR.

Ninja Post

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