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What do i do when wow-motivation is low?

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Well. ¬†I haven’t been wowing as much lately, largely due to the content of a post a little while ago, so what have i been doing?

Past couple weeks, have largely been abount Terraria. ¬†A quick description of the game would be “2D minecraft”. ¬† a long description would be “The short description is BS.”

The problem is that it’s hard to do in a short description, as the only…. ¬†not the word i’m looking for, but “mainstream” game that resembles it is minecraft. ¬†But the 2 games are entirely different beasts.

The only thing they really have in common is the rabid ferocity of their own fanboys hating on the other game.   The 2 games are very different, and have completely different mechanics in how they function.

But i digress. ¬†I’ve been playing some Spiral Knights¬†since it’s F2P and on steam now. ¬†Fun game. ¬†Plays very smoothly. ¬† Once i get to a point that i’m less effective than optimal due to my playing free, i’ll probably stop though. ¬† But for now, it’s a fun game.

TF2 is F2P now, and released a bunch of new content.   Awesomeness.   Except that i dont have the mats to craft a bunch of the new stuff.  Damnit all to hell.   Cant even get the new medigun.  #rage

I haven’t really been playing Minecraft lately either, but I would like to be. ¬† I know that’s an odd statement, but it’s still true. ¬†A friend of mine no longer has his own SMP server, so i dont have any particular place to play with a couple people that i normally minecraft with. ¬† While we do have another server available to us, it’s not a standard server. ¬†Heavily modded, lots of stuff available, etc. ¬† We like playing Base minecraft, creating new worlds, surviving on them, whatever have you. ¬† Oh well. ¬† I’d host my own if my computer wasn’t the¬†equivalent¬†of a TI-83+ combined with a space heater.

On the wow front, i’m strongly considering trying to get into a different guild with an alt. ¬† While for a long time i would never consider such a thing, with my guild as entirely inactive as it is, This will be my only outlet (besides pugs) for raiding. ¬†I want to take part in the firelands patch. ¬† May have resort to such things in the end. ¬† (side note: ¬†spell correction suggestions for firelands is hilarious)

OH.  I should get the geekery out now before it builds up.   I am involved with D&D for the FIRST TIME EVER.  How weird is that.  I wish the group of us could get together more often though.  Weekly does not satisfy.  POTHOS HUNGERS.

Heroicify your items!

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As just found on the 4.2 ptr, heroic boss kills will drop Crystallized Firestone.  This will allow you to upgrade your normal mode items to heroic level items.  Currently effects 21 different items between valor points/firelands.  Unclear if the item pool will expand.

1. Hooray for upgrading relic slot

2. If your guild can pull off a heroic kill with a pug or 2, this may end up being pretty profitable.

The market for ‘high’ ilvl items, BiS, and so forth has always been profitable (see: Darkmoon cards, world drop epics). ¬†Heroic raid kills are of the parts of WoW that are restricted to upper level guilds. ¬† There’s not much outside of these that even semi-casual people can get into (on a reasonably populated server. ¬†Outliers do exist, in both directions nonetheless).

GDKP runs usually have more pugs that what i would expect something like this to have, but it’s a similar enough of a concept. ¬† Even moreso though, this would be a constant. ¬† You get a¬†Crystallized Firestone¬†from every heroic kill. ¬† 100%. ¬† If you know your guild can do it, that is guarenteed profit for whatever someone is willing to pay for it. ¬† Items go for 20-50k when they’re only normal raid ilvl. ¬† I don’t even want to think what this could go for. ¬† This is also on top of whatever the boss drops normally too.

While i’m not all for¬†guaranteed¬†loot, this isn’t an item on its own. ¬†With this there’s at least little chance of it being useless to your entire raid (unless you’ve been farming heroic bosses in firelands for a long time…..) .

Well, time to cut this post slightly short, as apparently i’m bleeding. ¬†whoops.
Just thought i’d throw an opinion to the internet, as it’s been a while since i’ve said anything.

What next sir, you’re already 85!

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The cataclysm approaches!¬†¬† With it comes a new beginning.¬† Now is the time to introduce guild changes, policy changes, loot systems, everything.¬† (still trying to con my raid leader into taking guild master position *cough*cough*)¬† What also happens at this type of event is choosing what to level.¬† I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to be a main tank.¬† While i dont auite agree with the DK tanking changes of 4.0.1. I’ll deal with it as necessary.¬† But beyond the main, are the alts.¬† What alt will have the title of first to level?¬† Obviously the most useful would be a healer.¬† My current healer is a shaman, and i’m not sure how strongly i want to continue that.¬† I much prefer my shaman in a dps (and even pvp) role vs. healing.¬† Shaman healing doesnt excite me as it used to, and with 4.0.1 even the mastery bores me.¬† My warlock?¬† The ex-main for 4 years?¬†¬† Tempting.¬† I disliked what 3.0 did to locks, and i enjoy what 4.0 fixed.¬†¬† And yet, i love healing.¬† I’m seriously considering leveling my priest.¬† But a lot of beta reports say that disc isn’t in a great spot in beta raid healing at the moment.¬†¬† This pains me as i much prefer the disc healing style over holy.

Choices…. choices.

I expect in the end i will level my shaman, because i will enjoy the process itself more.¬† And while I will say ‘enhancement, resto offspec!’¬† i have no doubt that my guild will need me as a healer, and my healing set will overtake my dps in no time.¬† As has happened in wrath, and BC before it.

I guess half the point of this is the realization that the greatest hold WoW has over me, it’s also its greatest potential to push me away. ¬†Changes. Changes can make your class new and exciting. ¬†It can also make it into something you have no interest in, or intention to play. ¬†So much of each expansions hope rests on what gets changed. ¬† The warlock i played in vanilla, is not the warlock i played in BC. ¬†Nor was it the warlock i didn’t play in wrath. ¬†Granted, some classes do not change very much. ¬†But it seems to me, the ones i play are getting pretty shaken up right now. ¬† I really can’t wait for the dust to settle and stats to be what they are meant to be at 85. ¬†Blizzard has put down some interesting foundation. ¬†We can only hope that they build something worthy of it. ¬†Yet, is it not also up to me to build a guild equally worthy?

All this being said, i will be able to forgive many things, if only for the fact that Chromaggus will be¬†tamable. ¬† ¬†Hunter… will probably be third to hit 85. ¬†If for nothing else than playing Pokemon with the pets.

Ninja Post

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