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Current games to hold the attention

Posted in Misc., PC Gaming with tags , on 05.31.2013 by Pothos

In a world where a person cannot afford $60 per game, you need to look to forms of entertainment that are at a lower price point.  This is no indication of quality mind you, as there are gems of content for so little money, it’s criminal.

Case in Point:
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim     $60 (at time of purchase)    140 hours played.
Terraria:                          $5 (at time of purchase)      202 Hours played.

One of these things is more price efficient than the other.

That is not to say Terraria is a better game than Skyrim.  They are two very different pieces of entertainment, and are amazing in their own regard.  I will freely admit that part of Terraria’s length was due to multiplayer.  The free content additions certainly didn’t hurt either.

So there we have the first point:  Price does not indicate length of enjoyment.
As well as the second point: Price does not indicate quality.

This applies to F2P titles as well, which will largely populate the list of what games I currently play.  ONWARD, to the list of fun times as of 05/31/2013.

Shooters and games that require shooting:
Planetside 2:  A great game as long as you’re playing during populated hours, and your server isnt empty.  Not as much of an issue now that merges happened.  There have been some great additions lately, such as the harraser.  Weapon availability will depend on time dedication or money.  Although with the latest patch, some of the older weapons have gone down in price.  I hope this will be a pattern over time.   ‘Most’ weapons are sidegrades, and the items that are only purchasable with Money are cosmetic.  I would not consider this to be a P2W title.

Firefall:  Firefall has been getting more missions added to it over time, so it’s not just a resource grind these days.  That being said, thumping is awesome.  A new resource system has gone in, as well as an equipment durability and breakage system for non-stock gear.  Your Tier I and beyond items will no longer last forever.  Along with the durability change, the crafting (and XP) requirements for tiered items changed as well.  It is now much easier to craft lower tier items (only requiring a type of resource, not a specific one), with requirements getting more and more specific as you climb the tiers.

Defiance:  I have unfortunately fallen behind in the TV show.  The game is moving on, missions based on TV events keep getting put in.  They are a nice little tie-in for people who watch the show.  The first DLC was announced a little bit ago, looked to have some decent features for a small-ish ($10 i believe) price point.  I find Defiance to be a fun game, although I haven’t been too thrilled with the PvP side of it.  To each their own.   Side Note: I am aware that Defiance is not a cheap game (as of last i saw), but I was lucky enough to be gifted a copy.  E>

Warframe:  More content lately.  Some great tileset additions have gone in.  I have yet to take part in Void missions, partly due to the lack of gear/gear levels.  My main annoyance with warframe has to do with general progression through the system.   It always feels like everyone is either max level and only farming bosses/defense missions, or they are new players on Mercury.   So it’s sometimes quite hard to get help in a middle-of-the-road level.   It further hinders me that I picked Volt as a starter frame (no longer an option to new players! hah!).  Volts abilities are either utility, or electric based.  I am nigh-useless on infested levels.  Trying to figure out what frame to attain next.

Smite:  I’ve recently gotten back into smite, and am loving it for some reason.  I think a large part of this has to do with the inclusion of the First win of the day rewards (one for each game mode).  These really speed up the favor gain, and get you to play more modes than just conquest.  Match of the day is interesting as it (as named) changes per day.  Not to mention that people in the casual queue as as bad as I am, so I tend to be okay with losing.  The community also seems (somewhat) less toxic than League (le shudder).  This is not to say that there are words of encouragement in chat, but definitely less hate.

Airmech:  Sweet lord, I don’t know how this game isnt more popular than it already is.   Picture a moba, that can also work like a twin-stick shooter.  Creeps don’t just spawn at your base and run to the enemy, you can also build your own creeps.  Many kinds (although you can only bring 8 types to build to a battle.  Strategy people!) of them, from infantry, to tanks, to artillery.  The heroes in Airmech are just so customizable.  Example:   your Airmech has stats.   The pilot you put in it has their own stats.  The gear in your Airmech also has it’s own stats.   Make it however you like.  (I wonder how fast you can get the slow bomber to go if you push for speed…)   The fact that you can roll as a UFO and abduct (mind control) enemy units really doesn’t hurt.   The first win of the day/daily login reward that includes the Real Money currency is a nice bonus.

General MMO-y:
Neverwinter:  So far so good.  That’s what I can mostly say about Neverwinter.  I don’t necessarily agree with all the design choices that have been made, but the game works.  For the most part, the leveling is quick, the skirmishes are fast as advertised, and if you want a longer challenge you can do dungeons.  The PvP is fun and not time consuming.  I’m not sure anything really stands out in the game, but it works as a good standard MMO filler if you’re not playing anything else.  I eagerly await additional classes/class types (assuming they do not cost money).

Kerbal Space Program:  Do I really need to explain this?  This thing is amazing, and its price only goes higher as development gets closer to done.  Get it now!  If you are unsure, take a look at Scott Manley’s Youtube videos.  Keep in mind, he does use some mods, so not everything he does is in the stock game.

Well, that’s it for now.  I’ll go into some detail on something or another next time.