Heroicify your items!

As just found on the 4.2 ptr, heroic boss kills will drop Crystallized Firestone.  This will allow you to upgrade your normal mode items to heroic level items.  Currently effects 21 different items between valor points/firelands.  Unclear if the item pool will expand.

1. Hooray for upgrading relic slot

2. If your guild can pull off a heroic kill with a pug or 2, this may end up being pretty profitable.

The market for ‘high’ ilvl items, BiS, and so forth has always been profitable (see: Darkmoon cards, world drop epics).  Heroic raid kills are of the parts of WoW that are restricted to upper level guilds.   There’s not much outside of these that even semi-casual people can get into (on a reasonably populated server.  Outliers do exist, in both directions nonetheless).

GDKP runs usually have more pugs that what i would expect something like this to have, but it’s a similar enough of a concept.   Even moreso though, this would be a constant.   You get a Crystallized Firestone from every heroic kill.   100%.   If you know your guild can do it, that is guarenteed profit for whatever someone is willing to pay for it.   Items go for 20-50k when they’re only normal raid ilvl.   I don’t even want to think what this could go for.   This is also on top of whatever the boss drops normally too.

While i’m not all for guaranteed loot, this isn’t an item on its own.  With this there’s at least little chance of it being useless to your entire raid (unless you’ve been farming heroic bosses in firelands for a long time…..) .

Well, time to cut this post slightly short, as apparently i’m bleeding.  whoops.
Just thought i’d throw an opinion to the internet, as it’s been a while since i’ve said anything.


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