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Posted in Misc. on 03.23.2011 by Pothos

So WoW is going on… what…  7 years this november?  It seems plenty of people in my local wow area are getting somewhat disenchanted with the game.   This isn’t unexpected.  Seven years is a long time to play the same game, even if it does have new content.  I seem to be an exception.   I still love wow, especially raiding.

But what of everything else?  What is one to do if they’re bored?  Try something else would be the obvious answer.  So here’s some thoughts on that matter, both present and future.

As far as MMO’s go, Rift is a common response right now.  I had the pleasure of taking part on a number of beta events and I can honestly say I do like the game.  The class system is solid (if hard to balance) and allows for a lot of options.  I do like the route Trion went with rift classes in that there’s only 4 base classes, with a bunch of tree’s within it.  I dont have to roll 10 characters to play everything *cough*cough*.

This is not to say rift doesn’t have its problems, every mmo does.  It’s obviously not perfect.  That being said, i don’t have the money to burn to play more than one MMO, so I will not criticize Rift directly as my personal experience with release level rift is basically nothing.   Either way, a solid choice if you’re looking to expand out of wow, but dont want to get into something too alien in form.

While it’s not out yet, a number of my guild members are looking forward to Star Wars: The Old Republic.  While TOR does look interesting, I’m not sure i’ll be involving myself with it.  Nothing personal against the game, it looks like it’ll be fun.  I hope it’ll live up to its hype.  I’d hate to lose guildies over something that doesn’t turn out they way they expect.  Bioware has a good record behind them, all they have to do is keep it up for one more game.

What about outside of MMO’s?  My two big titles i’m awaiting are Portal 2 and Diablo 3.  I’m not even going to into them though.  I don’t want to jinx it.   If only one of them will turn out good, i hope it’s Diablo 3.   The diablo franchise is still my favorite as far as games go, and the only game to take more of my life away from me than WoW was Diablo 2.  And before that, Diablo 1.
(click click click click click perfect gem activated *yes!*)

While i hate to admit this, I think i must.  Call it my dirty little secret if you have to.   Ever since hanbitsoft aquired the rights to hellgate and announced that they’ll bring it back to the US, i’ve been pining over what could be.   That being said, there’s been just about zero news about it ever since the announcement.   So I’ve no idea where that’s going.

For those who are unaware, Hellgate:London kept going in korea after its US shutdown.  Theres been a lot of changes made to it, and expanded content.   However, you cant use/make an account on the korean servers unless you supply the equivelent of a korean SSN. (as of the last time i checked)  So unless you have a friend over there, you’re out of luck.

HAH.  I knew i forgot something.   The one other project i’m hoping on is Torchlight 2.  The original Torchlight was simple, and fun.  But it could only be a temporary game without any kind of multiplayer.  Not even LAN 😦  So here’s to hoping it’s at least as good as the original.

So now i just have to hope that all of the ones I’m interested in are released with reasonable amounts of time between them.  Otherwise I’ve no idea how i’ll afford them.