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What next sir, you’re already 85!

Posted in Uncategorized on 11.16.2010 by Pothos

The cataclysm approaches!   With it comes a new beginning.  Now is the time to introduce guild changes, policy changes, loot systems, everything.  (still trying to con my raid leader into taking guild master position *cough*cough*)  What also happens at this type of event is choosing what to level.  I’m pretty sure I’ll continue to be a main tank.  While i dont auite agree with the DK tanking changes of 4.0.1. I’ll deal with it as necessary.  But beyond the main, are the alts.  What alt will have the title of first to level?  Obviously the most useful would be a healer.  My current healer is a shaman, and i’m not sure how strongly i want to continue that.  I much prefer my shaman in a dps (and even pvp) role vs. healing.  Shaman healing doesnt excite me as it used to, and with 4.0.1 even the mastery bores me.  My warlock?  The ex-main for 4 years?   Tempting.  I disliked what 3.0 did to locks, and i enjoy what 4.0 fixed.   And yet, i love healing.  I’m seriously considering leveling my priest.  But a lot of beta reports say that disc isn’t in a great spot in beta raid healing at the moment.   This pains me as i much prefer the disc healing style over holy.

Choices…. choices.

I expect in the end i will level my shaman, because i will enjoy the process itself more.  And while I will say ‘enhancement, resto offspec!’  i have no doubt that my guild will need me as a healer, and my healing set will overtake my dps in no time.  As has happened in wrath, and BC before it.

I guess half the point of this is the realization that the greatest hold WoW has over me, it’s also its greatest potential to push me away.  Changes. Changes can make your class new and exciting.  It can also make it into something you have no interest in, or intention to play.  So much of each expansions hope rests on what gets changed.   The warlock i played in vanilla, is not the warlock i played in BC.  Nor was it the warlock i didn’t play in wrath.  Granted, some classes do not change very much.  But it seems to me, the ones i play are getting pretty shaken up right now.   I really can’t wait for the dust to settle and stats to be what they are meant to be at 85.  Blizzard has put down some interesting foundation.  We can only hope that they build something worthy of it.  Yet, is it not also up to me to build a guild equally worthy?

All this being said, i will be able to forgive many things, if only for the fact that Chromaggus will be tamable.    Hunter… will probably be third to hit 85.  If for nothing else than playing Pokemon with the pets.