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Frostmourne HUNGERS

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SO.  I can’t help but notice that Frostmourne and I have something in common.  We’re both really hungry.  But to the two of us, these are very different problems. Frostmourne craves only souls, which are readily available in the world.  Cleaving souls is like breathing, assuming you’re not living in a barren area devoid of life. (insert joke about canada or some of the northern US states)  I on the other hand, have a more refined taste.

The sad thing is that i used to live in a Chicago suburb.   Let me tell you, around chicago has a lot of food.  I miss the variety these days.  Where I am now in Wisconsin doesn’t have nearly the same selection.  There is in particular a void of everything polish (and subsequently, bohemian).  Do you know what I had to do to get some Kolaki?   I had to bake my own! While it turned out well and everyone liked it, it still wasn’t quite the same.

One thing that annoys me is the discrepency of food names.  While someone like me with a polish/bohemian background (among other things) is used to ‘pigs in a blanket’ referring to a hamburger/rice/onion mixture wrapped in cabbage with a spicy tomato sauce over it, there are some areas like here that often refer to……  a hotdog wraped in a croissant?  HOTDOG????  You can’t see it, but there’s a tear in my eye.  That being said……  I kind of want to try that.

There seems to be a discrepency about what ‘chicago style’ is in some places.  Maybe my part of chicago was some weird exception, but when i ordered a hotdog (or fries) i did not get celery salt on them.  I never even had the option.  I never would have wanted the option for that matter.  And yet everywhere i’ve been lately (in WI, and MN) that is ‘chicago style’ they throw the stuff over the hotdog and sometimes the fries.  Weeeiiiirrrrdddd.  And then there’s Goulash.  My fiance says to me one day “I’m going to make Goulash.”, of course i say ‘sure!’  Now i was pretty suprised when this dish of tomato sauce, noodles, and some other stuff comes to me.  ‘Bwuh?’ i ask.  I’m strongly accustomed to the Goulash we always got in chicago, based on Hungarian Goulash.   A little bit of a shock there.

And then there’s the missing places. Can you believe the only White Castle in WI is by the IL border and a number of hours away?  That there isn’t even a single California Pizza Kitchen in the STATE.  Seriously?  I haven’t really found any place to make up for the missing foods either.  Although the middle eastern place came close.  (that being said, i never really looked for that food in chicago.  a shame really.  delicious.)  What i want right now is a CPK to get me a decent Margharita pizza*.  The local place does an ‘okay’ one, but the crust doesnt fit the style.

I think when i started this I had a point, but between 5 hours of sleep and being ungodly early in the morning I have lost it.  My apologies.  But on the positive side of things, i have chinese leftovers for tonight.
Who knows. if i figure out more of a purpose, i might come back and edit this post.  But i doubt it 😛

If you’re ever in the western chicago suburb area, do yourself a couple favors:
1.) California pizza kitchen margharita pizza* (theres a CPK in…. oakbrook mall?)
2.)Bohemian Crystal (in westmont on blackhawk drive)
3.)Falco’s Pizza (willowbrook, on Route 83/Kingery Highway)

those are the top 3 that come to mind.  For falco’s i always got a pepperoni, garlic, green pepper pizza. although the panzarotti’s are great too.  Same ‘toppings’.

*: With a caramel apple martini. god damn it’s so good.

EDIT: I seem to recall hearing that Bennigans filed for bankruptcy a while back.  But i guess it still exists, seeing that the webpage still works.  I will add that i really ❤ eating there 😛   There (was?) one just by the darien border i think.  cant remember the location offhand.  not far from the wal-mart i think.  or maybe the Kohl’s.  God it’s been too many years.   There are none of those up by me either.  GRRRR.


Ninja Post

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