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The guild issue, and some randomness

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Well not really.  Theres been a lot of talk between guild/blog relationships lately.   Mine obviously isnt much of an issue, as i do not post much.   It isn’t a problem with having content to write about, it’s just more of a time constraint.  I’d probably be more effective as a co-blogger than an actual one.   Just like being a guild master.  OooOOoOooo dissing my own guild mastering.


Anyway.  I’d like to say that it’s all freedom.  Say what you want.  Your space is your space.   But I can’t.  At least not directly.   But it also really depends on who you are exactly.  While I would wish anyone to feel open about their thoughts, I would have some people be careful.  To be specific, I’d worry about Officers and other higher-ups.  Theres a lot of discussion that goes on in O chat for my people.  And a lot of it I wouldn’t want out in the open.  If we wipe, we talk about it in O chat.  We try to narrow down what caused it, and what can be done to help so it doesn’t happen again.

Now take the example and turn it into a blog post:

Raid Member 1) Upbeat post about how the raid was wiping, but then after a couple tips from the raid leader, i no longer stood in the fire, and everything was okay!!!!!!oneoneeleven

Officer 1)We were doing horribly at a boss.  When i talked to the others, we noticed that Raid Member 1 was being a tard so we informed him of it in a raid-chat friendly manner.

These are different things (and for what it’s worth, doesn’t mirror anything in particular.  although i’m sure someones stood in the fire at some point).  All i would ask of my peoples in some amount of discretion.   At the very least avoid names.  Even great people have bad days.   If at all possible i’d try to avoid even some vague specifics.   Complaining about DPS is all well and good, they’re like roaches. They’re everywhere.  But you complain about your tank, and you only have a handful at best, deduction becomes a possibility.   A little discretioncan go a long way.   And as Matticus says

“…they [bloggers] are free to write about whatever they wish, but have some tact. If it’s a problem with myself, a situation, conflicts, or policy issues, that it be brought up with myself or an officer first to see if it can be resolved.”

Read more:

as a sidenote, that link was actually popped in automatically.  badass.


ANYWAY.  It’s been a while since i’ve put out my thoughts.   A little more personal stuff in a personal blog.   Just because i love wow, doesnt mean everything should be about it.  As anyone can see, I’m not followed by many people, partly in the fact that i’ve told almost no one that i do this.  While i like the idea of blogging, i also know that my life/time restraints keep me from consistantly posting.  Which is a shame because i love putting my thoughts out.   If anyone finds them, so be it.   This is mostly just a personal venture of writing.   Hell, i’m supposed to take a writing class or 2 as a requirement anyway.

I’m trying to learn to play guitar as a side-venture as well.  That’s also going slowly >.>  wish i had more self motivation, but damn.   Motivating me is like parting the red sea (+10 dkp for jesus reference)  But i’ll slowly go at it.   I’m still getting better, i’m just not a pro at it yet.  Instantly.  Like i was hoping.

Some people might point out that while i say i dont tell anyone about these posts, that  “hey, i saw this on your twitter!  JOO LIES”.   I would then point out to you, that the only people that i have on my twitter (majoritively) are wow bloggers/web site people that i like to follow.   Some of you have interesting insights/thoughts/lives.   Well, and some webcomic people.  But following you guys/girls on twitter also alerts me to your blog posts 🙂   When you mention them anyway.  At the very least, Matticus points out his postings 😀

To those who would care to know an extra thing about me, I like reading.   I didnt read much in general until i started taking classes again.   Takes about an hour and a half bus ride to get there, so i use books to fill the time.  I am currently reading David Eddings.  I finished The Belgariad recently, and am currently working on The Mallorean.  I just finished book…… 3?  i think 3.   I also need to go and pick up the latest (and last!) book of the Deverry Cycle (by Katherine Kerr).  *tear* It’s like…. book 14? or 15?   Why must it end so fast!  And to anyone open to recommendations, (everythign i’ve mentioned here is fantasy btw)  Please, please.   Go read the Chronicles of Amber by R.Zelazny (god i hope i spelled that right).


As i write this post, i honestly do not know if my own guild is mentioned at all on this site.   I don’t *think* I’ve put my guild name in here.   But i can’t be sure offhand.   I don’t hide my name at all, thought theres quite a number of people who use it.   I ❤ my guild and (most) it’s people (:P).  But i can’t shake the feeling that… wow… it would be weird if any of them ever read something i put online.

It would be…….    creepy.

On that note, we’re getting closer to Fester25.   We need better DPS though.  Our overall drops in 25 have been sucking.  It doesnt help that a number of high dps have taken breaks/quit wow recently.
The new tabard design went over well 🙂  I’m particularly proud of this one.

This posting on a Th morning works pretty well beyond the fact i’m incredibly tired.   Think i’m going to stop and publish it now.   Put some more thought into the T/TH morning thing.   I wake up fairly early for classes, but i do give myself extra time to actually be awake//need to hit snooze 15 times.  This also means i dont want to start things in wow, but when i’m tired i also do not gravitate toward gaming.

Alright i’m out.

E>  My blocky heart knows blocky love.