Gold! I needs it to survive!

Is it odd that while i dont really have a use for gold in wow, I loooove profit. I like seeing large numbers on my account total.  Large is relative of course.  The most gold server-wide i’ve ever had was just over 11k.  Currently i’m sitting at about 9.

I was almost dirt poor until ToC.  But when you run Toc 10 and 25 on your main, and another 10 on your alt.  that’s 45 triumphs a week, not counting any VoAs or Onyxias.   My server is not a high ranking server, we dont have world class guilds, and the economy is horrible.   So with that, there was a decent stretch of time that people still horded all their triumphs, and didnt sell a damn thing.

Hear that? It’s my greed.  So I sold a number of Crusader orbs, and got myself up to where i stand now.

This begs the following thoughts.  Do i really care about icecrown?  I dont forsee my guild clearing it any time soon.  Maybe we never will.  Who knows.  But what i do know, is that i’m very excited over cataclysm.  What better way to start cataclysm than with a lot of gold.

Do i really need to get tier 10 right away?   How much are the new crusader orbs going to be? (primordial saronite this time around i believe).   Will the market for them go well?   I certainly hope so.  I will bleed out my emblems of frost if it means i can fatten up my wallet in preperation for….  for anything.   For whatever may be.  Cataclysm-esque mammoth?   Did our mounts get too used to the cold, so we need to train temperate flying?***

I dont know what i’ll need gold for.  But at the same time it doesnt really matter.   If theres one thing that always happens in wow, it’s a gold sink.  Mark my words.  I’ll be ready.



***:  I really, >>Really<< cant wait to see the reason blizz uses to keep up from flying right away in cataclym (if any of course.  they might not)


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