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Gold! I needs it to survive!

Posted in Cataclysm with tags , , on 11.24.2009 by Pothos

Is it odd that while i dont really have a use for gold in wow, I loooove profit. I like seeing large numbers on my account total.  Large is relative of course.  The most gold server-wide i’ve ever had was just over 11k.  Currently i’m sitting at about 9.

I was almost dirt poor until ToC.  But when you run Toc 10 and 25 on your main, and another 10 on your alt.  that’s 45 triumphs a week, not counting any VoAs or Onyxias.   My server is not a high ranking server, we dont have world class guilds, and the economy is horrible.   So with that, there was a decent stretch of time that people still horded all their triumphs, and didnt sell a damn thing.

Hear that? It’s my greed.  So I sold a number of Crusader orbs, and got myself up to where i stand now.

This begs the following thoughts.  Do i really care about icecrown?  I dont forsee my guild clearing it any time soon.  Maybe we never will.  Who knows.  But what i do know, is that i’m very excited over cataclysm.  What better way to start cataclysm than with a lot of gold.

Do i really need to get tier 10 right away?   How much are the new crusader orbs going to be? (primordial saronite this time around i believe).   Will the market for them go well?   I certainly hope so.  I will bleed out my emblems of frost if it means i can fatten up my wallet in preperation for….  for anything.   For whatever may be.  Cataclysm-esque mammoth?   Did our mounts get too used to the cold, so we need to train temperate flying?***

I dont know what i’ll need gold for.  But at the same time it doesnt really matter.   If theres one thing that always happens in wow, it’s a gold sink.  Mark my words.  I’ll be ready.



***:  I really, >>Really<< cant wait to see the reason blizz uses to keep up from flying right away in cataclym (if any of course.  they might not)


The wave used to be done in stadiums….

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All this hype on google wave!  I wish i could actually motivate myself to devote the hour+ to watch the video.  Luckily, my fiancee has watched some of it and given me some summaries.   While it sounds flexible, and pretty crazy interesting…  its probably something i’ll just have to use myself to get a good idea over.

Just as back in the day when i was offered a gmail invite and i thought “I dont know, i already have an email address….”, wave could end up the same deal.  I dont know where i’d be without my gmail.   My original email vs. gmail is like B&W vs Color TV.  Or maybe closer to B&W to BluRay.

But, there’s not much i can do about it at the moment.  I’ve lost touch with old friends, especially ones who would have google invites.  There may be eventual hope in some other people, but nothing major.   I did make a post on ‘WoW on Wave’ thanks to #Ithato.  How that’ll end up I’m not sure.  But it’s nice to see a list of wowers on there.  Even the coveted Tekkub (/swoon).

Not much else i can write about something Iv]sfda;lfjdsghad;.

I dont like typing on this laptop >.>

Anyway… something i’ve had no personal experience.


All this being said.  I wonder how lightweight ChromeOS will be.  This laptop has issues running XP, so i’m wondering if it’ll be able to handle Chrome…   Issues for future times i guess.