I Remember back in the day….

Wow ages.  It’s about to hit 5 years old.  Some people out there are like me, and played since release day.  Some longer with the beta/alpha.  Think about this.  Did you go to high school?  You have spent more time as a wow player, than you did in High school. (arguable true, but i refer to just time being a member, not time online.  Just go with it for now :P)  This is a long time for any one game to last.  Despite new bosses, new expansions, this is still world of warcraft.  You’re still mashing shadowbolt, still taunting, still casting flash heal.  For the most part, the fights are different, and you have to avoid things that arent fire, but in all respects to movement, might as well be fire.   Warcraft is still just warcraft.

What can wow do to keep people into it?  Well that’s simple.  The one thing i love about wow beyond anything else.  Changes.  Nerf? Buff?  I don’t care.  I love changes.  I love new expansions for the way they complete @$%& over the normal method and change what you’re doing.  The proposed talent changes are a great start.  The renewal of the old zones (maybe i’ll actually get an alt up).  These are all things that while people may not all care for, it still changes what they’re doing.   Change is the single most powerful tool the WoW dev’s have.


I guess i’ll use this post to go over some of the changes with some thoughts on them.

As far as new races go, goblins are nice.  Worgen I *sort* of have a problem with.  I find it hard to see them as alliance, although their starter quest chain may shed some light on that.  Now don’t misunderstand me, I’m not saying i see worgen as horde either.  Humans (and by extension the alliance) doesn’t have a great record in allying with ‘people’ that are different.  Worgen have in the past attacked humans and caused much grief to the alliance and the horde.  I just dont see, without any new information, how the alliance would be so quick to accept them into the fold.   The horde on the other hand, would (almost) never trust anything that is even partially human.   But i also do not see what race they would have picked beside worgen and goblins.   Goblins have existed as character models compatible with everything but helms for a long time now.  And worgen are just…. humans with different racials.   and fur.

New class combinations!  Dear god finally.  What i want to see is troll animal forms.  There’s quite a bit of debate about them going on, so i’m not going to speculate much as far as that goes.  Doesnt do me any real good anyway, i lost the motivation to level my druid 2 years ago.  He’s still logged out in Un’goro, waiting to see the light of day.

Five extra talent points with no new talent.  I’d like to believe that it would allow more freedom, and more utility talents to be taken.  But we all know that you’ll be able to reach some new uber talent in the next tree with those 5 points, that you’ll need to spend every point to get that last dps out of your spec.   So at least you get that much.

Guild advancement!  Weeee!


But of course.  I really have one main concern as far as cataclysm go.  This outweighs my worries on any other subject in the entire world.   of warcraft.
When i hit 85, and maybe have entry level raid gear.   Will i be able to solo The Eye?  I want to farm for the pheonix, but i dont want to risk losing to anyone >.>


p.s.  Soul shard change? About damn time.

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