This is a test

This is a two part test.  Not only am I making this an easy win a speech recognition just for shiggles, but I’m also using windows like a writer.  The speech recognition itself as far as dictation goes isn’t perfect but I am relatively happy with it.  It doesn’t hurt that correcting mistakes within speech recognition is relatively easy.  But fortunately when I make random sounds while thinking it often tries to take them for words.  But this can be corrected through practice.  My current main issue is that I’m still getting over being sick  and it is doing its best to translate my coughs into a blog.  It’s interesting trying to dictate to a blah post instead of writing it, the whole process feels different since I am not actually constantly typing but instead talking at my computer.  Admittedly part of my difficulties with dictation comes from not knowing the actual commands and floundering a bit with them.

The second part of this is also testing windows live writer.  It easily enough integrated into my word press account of flu was not able to download the theme to display it appropriately as such during writing or in this case dictation.  I’m not sure if the areas from writer or something on word press’ side. I’ve no idea about tag providers.  When doing this manually through word press i add them by hand.  This is probably something all have to look up.

As a side note I am also 25 today and about to get myself some badass  lunch.



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