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The Disgruntled Addon User

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One of the best things in WoW is Custom User Interfaces.
One of the worst things in WoW is an add-on author who doesn’t update fast enough for you 😛

Anyone who pays attention to my WoWing can tell you I love mods.  Moreso than that, I love trying new mods.  Release Quality? optional.  Beta? Fun! Alpha? IT DOESNT DO ANYTHING BUT LOOK COOL.

Ahhh….  love it.
Anyway.  Here’s a couple mod mentions that people might enjoy.

It’s beta quality, and the updates come about as frequently as…….. something that doesnt update.  But its a fresh design on a now regular concept, despite the less-than-impressive name 😛
Not all features implimented.  Does track runes for DK’s, and combo points for rogues/cats.  Havent checked lastest version, but the previous one did not track Maelstrom Weapon.  Use at your own risk.

A simple mod that adds a nice-yet-not-too-bright colored border around an item to indicate quality.  i.e. item icon of an epic has a purple border.  My reason for usage?  Oh hey, i’m in a pug.  /inspect.  if i see purples all the way down, i  at least know its not a completely fresh 8o.  good enough.  if there are greens and blues…. maybe i’ll boot them.

Another relatively simple mod.  I use this mostly because i’m the GM and i assist with the raid leading.  It sorts out combat log information and gives you a list of damage/heals to individual people in the raid.  i.e.  The wipe started when both healers died… what happened?   /acheron  /look at <healer 1> and <healer 2>   oh, they were hit for 5 million damage from <mimirons uber rocket of doom> .  It can show you why people died.
ProTip: Mousing over someone in the acheron lists will bring up an at-curser tooltip of the Cause-of-Death.

…I really dont feel like getting into this mod.  It’s useful, relatively easy to use and setup.   go to the homepage for examples on it and ideas on what to use it for.  It can be done for all sorts of things.

Some people use Grid+Clique, some people use Healbot.
They should use Vuhdo.
Of course, that’s a bad statement in general.  Each click-frame-to-heal-people mod/mod combo has it’s own features.  Vuhdo (to me) is simple to set up, has a feature set I enjoy,
and as far as at least healbot/grid are concerned, has a default look that i prefer.   And yes.  I’m that shallow.  Looks matter a lot.  I’ll give up a pretty good mod feature (not that Vuhdo gives up anything)
if it’ll mean my mod looks badass.

That’s it for now.  I may continue this post later, or make a new one, or conquer the world later.  But for now, there’s class to get ready for.


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Ah patch day.  What are the odds of a mod not working?  What are the odds when you run about 100 of them?  I loathe patch days for this very reason.  My interface is complicated.  I have tons of mods to tweak every damn thing possible to my liking.

UI Notes (as of mmoui minion/curse updates on the night of 08.08.09)
Spamsentry: causes no chat to be seen.
Vuhdo: frames are messed up        note: only on the wowinterface versions 1.169 and 1.169_2, curse still has 1.168 which works fine.
Bartender: Latest works fine, but the anchor to the totem bar isnt aligned with the actual bar properly (only slightly off)

Test Post #2

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Diagnostoc Concerns.

This space for rent

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Just a space filler, becasause hello world makes me /facepalm.